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Fotobanner.it circuit is a Free banner exchange dedicated to the world of photography.
The mechanism of the circuit allows you to exchange banner advertising on the Internet totally free, simply by exchanging their banner with that of others: the strength of the exchange banner fotobanner.it is his specialty. The
advertisers are coming to join the chance to be seen only on sites related to national photographic world, whether associations, clubs, photos, personal sites, photo gallery, nonprofits, publishers, professional photographers.
It 'was a highly sophisticated integrated that automatically distributes and displays the banners on sites registered to the circuit automatically, enabling you to control the viewing statistics of your banners on other sites and the number of credits you have accumulated. Will be awarded to each Member of 5,000 free credits at registration!
Fotobanner.it expected 1:1 ratio means that every banner displayed on your site entitles you to display your banner within another site registered Fotobanner.it, we are the only ones to write this report.

Once activated be sure to download from your control panel, the
HTML code to your site (in a visible location and not more than once for each page) to earn credits (essential if you want to activate the mechanism of exchange). Without this code it is not accumulated credits and therefore your banner will never be displayed, unless you want to insert the code and / or display on your banner (for your internal policy) you can buy credits at the following link:

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Please note that the affiliate has Fotobanner.it four major portals photography nationally and cash alone over 100,000 impressions per day: nikonclubitalia.com , canonclubitalia.com , Sony Alpha Community and fujclubitalia.com , the banner is placed at the top of every page and clearly visible to all 4 forums.

Fotobanner.it part of DPN SERVICE.



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New: you know Fotobanner.it your friends, writing that provides for every 5,000 impressions will be credited to your account, more info here.




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